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Everybody Wants A Real Photo Booth


Everybody Wants A Real Photo Booth


everybody wants a real photo booth

Whether you want to add a real photo booth to your existing event company or if you want to start a new one, a Magbooth is the perfect tool to provide an authentic photo booth experience to your clients. The Magbooth design is sturdy and elegant while easy to transport making it a great mobile solution for event rentals. The images that it produces are crisp and nostalgic providing each user with a unique memory to cherish for years to come. 


You Deserve to look this good

No photoshop here. This is the actual output from a Magbooth. This is a combination of the controlled environment that only a real photo booth can provide plus professional photography equipment. Props and backdrops are funny and great but lasting photos showcase the wonderful beauty of the human face and the stories that it can tell. 


awesome prints

Of course have the latest social media integration for digital sharing but we all know what is important. Prints!! Let people decorate their fridge or cubical with memories that trigger happiness for years to come. 

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easy transport

It has to be sturdy yet easy to transport. The Magbooth breaks down easily in about 10 minutes and fits into any pickup truck, minivan and most SUVs. Everything is on wheels so it is easy to navigate from your vehicle to your setup location. 


Custom panels for you

Each setup comes with a free set of custom panels. You can use our artwork or come up with something new to match your brand. We will work with you to come up with the perfect design for your own Magbooth. 



each Magbooth works as an open air setup as well  


each Magbooth works as an open air setup as well  

meet arielle

Arielle will show you how easy it is to transport a Magbooth and how much fun people have using one.


Easy breezy open air setup with everything contained in the cabinet. 


Need a seat? Go open air but keep the bench attached to showcase an awesome wall or backdrop. 


Invest in the Future

Invest in the Future

invest in your future

Whether you need it to be plug and play or completely customized to your needs we can help. There is not one perfect solution for everyone so we have a few starting points to help you get started on your adventure. Magbooth has been a leading force in the photo booth industry for over a decade and is a trusted brand. Just like saying you use a Canon camera you can tell your clients that you offer a Magbooth. 

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$7,750 = Basic Setup with Custom Panels

This is for an existing professional who wants to add a real photo booth to their open air fleet or someone starting out who is willing to purchase their own hardware. Don't worry I will give you a list of exactly what you need but also feel free to use the hardware and software of your choice. 


$10,750 = Full Setup with Custom Panels, Hardware & Software

This is the plug and play full setup. Custom branded panels with all of the hardware (camera, flash, cpu & printer) and software that you need. I'll work with you to find out which hardware/software pairing is best for your needs. 


$13,500 = Credit Card Enabled Full Setup

This is our full setup from above with an additional cc reader and our custom made software that processes cc transactions. Perfect for a bar or any entertainment venue. Also included is the guidance needed to setup the backend merchant service agreement that works with our custom made software. We also have a profit sharing option as well. 

*USED Cage

Depending on where you are in the world I typically have used aluminum that can be used for the cage and cabinet. This brings the prices above down by about 15%. Any used extrusion would have an A or B quality rating and photos of the wear and tear would be sent to you. 


There are a lot of different software options out there but only a few that come with great customer service and support. I always recommend starting out with Steve over at Imaging Spectrum. On top of being a wonderful guy he will get you the best price and free shipping on all your paper supplies plus give you top notch support for Darkroom Booth. 


The goal is to meet up in person so that we can properly show you the ins and outs of the booth. Free delivery to any location within 300 miles of Louisville, KY. Any further and let's get creative to keep the cost low. 

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Let Me Help You Decide

Let Me Help You Decide

let me help you decide

Purchasing a photo booth is a big investment and we are here to help find the best solution for you. The best photo booth rental companies offer an open air setup and a real photo booth to their clients. We have always stuck to what we do best and that is manufacturing real photo booths. Here are a few scenarios to help find the right fit for you. 


Jeremiah wants to expand his existing open air photo booth company

Jeremiah already knows the industry and how photo booths work. He wants to add a real photo booth to his existing fleet of open air setups. Since his staff is already trained on a specific software and on specific pieces of hardware he would purchase the basic setup. He would then use the same hardware and software configuration that he uses in his open air setups. That means he is not paying any mark up on hardware and his staff won't need to be retrained on anything new. 


Ingrid owns a bar and wants to add a new revenue stream

Ingrid doesn't know anything about photo booths but knows that her clientele would love to use one at her bar. She also wants to add a new revenue stream to her bar. She would purchase the Credit Card Enabled Full Setup. That would get her a customized Magbooth designed to her specifications that is ready to go from day one. Typically the investment is paid back in about 10 months. 


Vivian wants to start her own photo booth company

Vivian wants to take part in the $72 billion dollar a year wedding industry but doesn't know much about photo booths. For her first Magbooth Vivian would purchase the Full Setup. That would give her a custom photo booth that is ready to go from the get go. Once the rentals start flowing in and she has become a photo booth master she can order the Basic Setup and start sourcing the hardware on her own. 

ready? Let's talk

You have questions and we have answers. We have taken over 1,000,000 photos and worked over 10,000 events during the last decade. All of that experience is available to you. or 502.930.0043