The Bar Booth


You have an awesome venue that people love. Give your patrons an activity that they yearn for and watch it go to work for you. 

Here is what it can do:

  • Provide a unique activity for your patrons
  • Deliver a piece of high quality branded content
  • Enable your patrons to share that experience and your brand on social media
  • Capture patron contact info
  • Create a new revenue stream that pays for itself in less than a year

USER EXPERIENCE...60 seconds and onto the next!

  • Patron sees awesome photo booth
  • Grabs amigos and enters the photo booth.
  • Whoa easy breezy...swipes credit card.
  • Magic happens and pics are previewed.
  • Enters in email address.
  • In less the 10 seconds print pops out and email is delivered.
  • Sharing on commences.
  • Repeat. Again and again and again...
Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 1.35.59 PM.png

people want awesome content

Give your patrons the awesome content that they crave and then watch it promote your establishment on social media. #easy

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Not only can the booth make money on normal nights as people pay per picture, you can also offer the booth for free if someone rents out your entire space for an event. Charge a premium to your event clients and watch them be super excited about having an in house photo booth as an option. #winwin


Purchase = $13,500

Purchase a booth for $13,500 and make your money back within 12 months or less. Here is a chart representing below average usage of 500 and high volume usage of 800 sessions each month. Different price points along with the usage show how long it takes to pay off your initial investment.

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Profit share = $3,500

Our profit share option lets you spend less money up front ($3,500) but limits your ability to make more money over time. The net revenue is split 80% to Magbooth and 20% goes to you. The $3,500 fee is easily paid off within 15 months or less.

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Get started

You have questions and we have answers. We have taken over 1,000,000 photos and worked over 10,000 events during the last decade. All of that experience is available to you. or 502.930.0043