We proudly call ourselves Team Magbooth. With 10 years of experience we can take you to the moon and back. Remember we have been there before. We like you

The Coordinators


Dan Baldwin

Dan - proper noun "dan" / dbaldwin@magbooth.com

Sr. Market Manager - tall and stylish...plus so much more.


Joe Wallace

Joe - proper noun "joe" / joe@magbooth.com

Event Manager - great beard, great guy. Dabbles as a skillful wood worker occasionally.

Behind the Scenes


Jessica Kessinger

Jessica - proper noun "je-SICK-uh" / jessica@magbooth.com

Business Manager - loves Turk. She also manages the Louisville office.



Turkey - proper noun "tuuuuuurck"

Exhibitionist - loves Jessica.

The Originals


Peter Tower

Peter - proper noun "pee - tur" / peter@magbooth.com

Frontiersman - the boss in the office and on the dance floor. 


Daniel Sanders

Daniel - proper noun "daa-knee-yil" / daniel@magbooth.com

Reporting - data and excel whiz.

the event workers

You might not get Arielle or Jeremy but you will get someone just as awesome. 

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